Tomato juice is good for diabetes

For type II diabetes patients, often drink tomato juice should be a good choice. Because scientists recently published a research report, tomato juice can help patients with type II diabetes mellitus resist can complicate the disease of heart problems.

According to the United States of America” Science Daily” website reported on February 20th, the researchers found that, in patients with type II diabetes mellitus in continuous drinking tomato juice after 3 weeks, there will be blood thinning effect, that is to say tomato juice can reduce platelet agglomeration effect, thereby reducing thrombosis. Tomato juice with antiplatelet condensation? One of the study’s authors, Australia University of Newcastle nutrition professor Ma Lo Hal Garr L brother ( Manohar L . Garg ) said:” if this discovery is more research results prove it, then there will be more people benefit from it, including smokers and flying distance travel.

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